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The workshops and coaching sessions for LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2019 are currently being planned. Since we are still in exchange with different coaches, our workshop offers are continuously extended. All workshops are in English.

Workshops 2019:

  • Legal World Café (New)
  • NegotiCHECK® Light: Get a Feedback on your Negotiation Performance (New)
  • Innovation can be Learned with (Legal) Design Thinking (New)
  • Google Design Sprint for Legals - Lightening Decision Jam (New)
  • Introduction to Legal Project Management: Structuring and Visualisation Towards a Successful Legal Matter Management (New)
  • Risk and Stakeholder Management in Legal Project Management - Advanced (New)
  • Leadership 4.0 in Legal Departments & Law Firms (New)
  • Digital Profiling and Scoring of Judges and the Judicial System (New)
  • Transparent Control of Business Processes: Business Process Management (BPM) as a Useful Tool for Quality in the Legal Department (New)
  • Become the Authority: 3 Unexpected Steps to Stand out, Expand Your Reach & Grow Your Practice (New)
  • Conflict Management in an Agile Environment - A System Which Embraces Conflicts (New)
  • The Female Leadership Disadvantage: Insights from Africa (New)
  • Rigid Leaders Breed Idle Teams: How to Move Beyond Narrow-Minded Leadership (New)


Partner 2019

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