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Dear LEGAL ®EVOLUTION Community,

The market for legal innovation needs more capital, experts and cooperations to continue its positive development. In light of this, we founded the CAPITAL AND MINDS FOR (LEGAL) TECH initiative to bring together vendors, founders, law firms, investors and lenders in the fields of Legal Tech, Legal, Compliance Tech, Compliance, E-Discovery, RegTech, PropTech, InsurTech, Tax Tech, RegTech and Legal HR (here summarised for simplicity as "Legal Innovation").

Legal innovation companies need better funding to drive innovation and growth. At the same time it is important that they succeed in attracting further experts, e.g. financial specialists, and in finding cooperation partners, such as distribution partners for important international markets. In addition, shareholders need more opportunities to sell their investments (secondary sales and trade sales).

Currently, prospects for legal innovation investments are good. The legal innovation industry is attracting more and more business angels and venture capital firms. Lawyers and other specialists such as legal operation managers from law firms and companies are also becoming increasingly involved, for example by investing close to six-digit sums in legal tech companies and advising them (smart money).

We also contribute through our know-how to the initiative CAPITAL AND MINDS FOR (LEGAL) TECH. For example, we give searching companies tips for realistic business valuations because we know that overly high price expectations deter investors. In addition, we give investors a first market overview since we understand digital business models in the legal and compliance market have special features regarding market size, scalability and regulation.

It does not matter where the companies come from or how big they are.

All this is completely free. For example, we publish the advertisements free of charge and forward inquiries from investors etc. to the companies. Would you like to participate? Do you have any questions or suggestions? We look forward to receiving your message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Yours Truly,

Jochen Brandhoff



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