Clara Radicetti
Head of Finance and Foreign Affairs, AB2L


Clara Radicetti is the Head of Finance and Foreign Affairs at AB2L, Brazilian association of legal and law tech.

She is an economist, analyst and strategist with an exclusive mix of legal, management and financial expertise and vision. Her practice focuses on Legal Finance, Smart Corporate Relations and International Relationship.

Before AB2L, she worked in the 5th largest world public bank, BNDES as an intern in the foreign trade department in Brazil. For the last 2 years, she lived in Canada and worked in the Canadian Financial Market as a bookkeeper at Robinson Wells Investment. For more than one year, she is now working for AB2L.

Clara helped Leonardo Toco, AB2L´s COO and other co-authors to write the Brazilian chapter of “Legal Tech - A Practitioner’s Guide”. She is a speaker at national events in Brazil and internationally regarding the legal ecosystem in Brazil and the Law Techs impact in the Brazilian judiciary.

Outside of her work, Clara is a traveller enthusiast and writing lover.

Artikel von Clara Radicetti


How innovation and technology, law and legal tech, are positively impacting the judiciary in Brazil.

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